I employed the services of Summit Property Management from August of 2008 to January of 2011. I've been working in Iraq for the years they've managed the rental of my house, and I must say their commitment to providing professional service has given me great peace of mind, something of especially great value to me while over here.

They did a terrific job quickly finding responsible tenants, and managed very well all aspects of what I wanted - from maintenance and repairs, to timely rent deposits into my account, to detailed (but simply formatted) monthly reports.

Knowing my house was in good hands, and having a hassle free experience with it all, at a reasonable rate, makes me want to recommend Summit Property Management to anyone in the Missoula area looking for a competent company to manage their rental needs. I give them two enthusiastic thumbs up!

~ Erik

Thank you very much for taking such wonderful care of our home. Summit has been so easy to work with and has done a phenomenal job. We appreciate all that you have done. Thank you.

~ Jesseca and Benjamin

Thanks again for all your hard work on our behalf.

~ Ken

You guys are ridiculously efficient.

~ Wanda

I talked with several property management companies and I am glad to say that you demonstrated a level of customer service and interest in protecting my investment that was genuine and far exceeded what was demonstrated by others.

~ Staci

Thank you so much for taking care of Mount so quickly and efficiently. We are so appreciative.

~ Dan & Ann

Thanks for all your time answering my questions. It has been a pleasure working with you from so far away.

~ George & Stephanie

Thanks again for all your hard work on getting these offices rented, it is much appreciated.

~ Cindy

Thank you for such a great job, it is comforting from a distance that your service is so vigilant.

~ Jenn and Jack

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Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality property management service with the greatest degree of reliability to our valued clients, tenants and residents. Summit Property Management will consistently operate in a professional, fair and ethical manner.

Vision Statement: To become the most widely respected and frequently chosen provider of property management and related services.

Values: Honesty. Integrity. Reliability. Professionalism.